Czech-Finnish school continues. Ice-hockey will be in Jihlava and floorball in Finland. Belarusians will also come

11.07.2018 / Daniel Dvořák

For the fourth time under one head, but for the first-time ice-hockey and floorball will be separated. International Ice Hockey School has a new Finland team in our cooperation. Finnish players will come from a team called KooVee (Tampereen Kilpa-Veljet) which provides more quality players than the previous team from Pirkkala. Due to this change, Finnish part of the cooperation will come to the Czech Republic, so they can see how IIHS works. On the other side, floorball continues with the regular rotation of the organizers. The organizer of IFS will be Pirkkala again. Bedrich Scerban, the general manager of IIHS, was speaking about these things and changes during a press conference which took place in the residency of Vysocina region government. Another significant news is that Belarusians coaches will visit IIHS to improve their coaching knowledge and skills.

We informed readers about the reasons for a change in Finland team throughout the article: International Ice Hockey school will be again in Jihlava because there is a change in Finland team. During the press conference, Bedrich Scerban announced: „We appreciate the cooperation with team Pirkkala, and that they started this project with us. Even though our relationship is good, we got into a situation where team Pirkkala doesn’t meet the quality requirements of IIHS anymore. Czech players have done a great progress, so their hockey skills have shifted upward. Due to these facts, the continuing cooperation with Pirkkala wouldn’t develop us properly, so we decided to change partners. Thereby we would love to welcome team KooVee as our new school partner. We also would like to thank team Pirkkala for seven years of a great cooperation.”

Another news is a presence of Belarusians coaches at IIHS. The general manager said: „14 Belarusians coaches will visit IIHS this year thanks to the cooperation of Vysocina region and Minsk region. Minsk district expressed a desire to visit Vysocina region and see the practice process, workouts, and the organization of ice hockey in Jihlava. We found this project (IIHS) as the best fit for this situation because we gather the best players from the whole region.”

The number of people participating in the whole project was announced as well. 46 players, 4 coaches (2 from Finland), and a goalie coach will be involved during IIHS. The staff members count to 14 people, and many of them have more than one duty. However, this is not all. Around 20 Finnish parents will visit the sights of Jihlava, Vysocina region, and the Czech Republic as well.

On the other hand, floorball school has 34 players and 9 staff members. 12 Czech parents will travel to Finland. Altogether, Czech-Finnish sports school will have 144 participants in 2018. The school has become popular all over the Czech Republic, even Czech TV and Czech radio station made a report about IIHS.

The major partner of the camp is Vysocina region. The project also has long-term partnerships with Czech Sports Union, Adidas-Lion Sport, Autocentrum BUPI, Reiterman, and Fisher Hockey. Tesla Jihlava, CZ LOKO, and Motorpal are necessary supporters of the project as well. International Sports School wouldn’t be possible without these partners.

Vysocina region appreciates the high quality of the camp. Zdenek Kadlec, Vysocina region office director, says: „On behalf of Vysocina region, I would like to thank Bedrich Scerban and Tereza Scerbanova for their work in the International Czech-Finnish Sports School project. We appreciate that they are doing this not only for Dukla Jihlava but for the whole region because the project helps to improve players from the whole Vysocina region.”

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